Ryan (sneezcore) wrote in forseriouspromo,

Allston Band Seeks Frontman!

****A Hero Next Door is looking for an energetic and creative singer who wants to play shows ASAP!****

Must be willing to commit to a busy practice/show schedule and be an equal part of the band in all aspects. Experience and training preferred, but not necessary if you can sing and rock out at the same time. Singing is our number one priority and screaming/yelling is a nice bonus.

As for us, we like playing loud, fast, catchy music. We've worked hard at developing a kickass live show and have steadily built an audience who've come to expect a fun time when seeing us play. Over the past two years we've played out consistently and are looking forward to getting back on track as soon as we can. We have fun being a serious band. We don't worry about which side our bangs go to or how tight our black pants are.

If you are still reading, check out our new DIY demo tracks on MYSPACE to see where we want to take the band and listen to our full length album on PUREVOLUME to see where we've been.

Email booking@aheronextdoor.com if you are interested!!!
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